Your Questions Answered
1. Is it possible to purchase packaging without having the CDs duplicated by cd-uk?
2. Can I submit the artwork on the provided templates in a Word document?
3. How can I insure that I am providing a suitable CD master?
4. Which formats do you accept the digital artwork in?
5. What formats do you not recommend for submitting the artwork?
6. Apart from submitting the content on a CDR what other formats are acceptable?
7. What are the minimum quantities for CD duplication?
8. What are the turn around times for CD duplication?
9. Can payment be made by BACS?
10. Do you provide samples?
11. Can I email the artwork to you for a CD duplication project?
12. What is the capacity of a standard CD?
13. What is the capacity of a Business card CD-R?
14. Can I provide the booklets for you to package with my CD duplication project?
15. Can I provide finished films for the artwork?
16. Do you deliver outside of the UK?
17. When purchasing CD-R Business cards would you print the labels for me?
18. Could you print my artwork onto CD-Rs provided by yourself?
19. Do you sell 120mm CDRs?
20. What is glass mastering?
21. What is the difference between a DVD-5 and DVD-9?
22. Can the artwork be submitted using ISDN?
23. As payment is made before the goods are received will I receive an invoice with the CDs?
24. Do I have to provide Pantone numbers?
25. What is the quality of the printing on both the CD and the booklet/inlay covers?
26. I have had my CD Business cards duplicated will I be able to write on them?



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